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What is
Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is an engineering-based tax strategy that reduces taxable income for commercial property owners and lessees. It segregates the real property from the personal property elements of a property, producing greatly accelerated depreciation. No item is too small – be it a wall-mounted doorstop or the electrical conduit inside your walls. If it can save you money, we will identify it. All commercial properties are eligible: residential multi-family rentals; distribution and warehousing; medical office buildings, dental, veterinary; hotels; shopping centers; restaurants and breweries; food processing; climate-controlled storage; even golf courses and ski mountains. If it’s commercial property – there is money to be saved.

Why shouldn’t my accountant perform a
cost segregation study?

Very few accountants specialize in cost segregation because the IRS approved methodology requires both in-depth, niche area tax law knowledge, as well as in-depth engineering understanding. Without both skill sets and additional apprenticeship, accountants often don’t realize the significant cash flow cost segregation can create and do not have the ability to achieve IRS compliant, maximum savings. In addition, tax savings are often increased by 25% – 100% for the client by utilizing the preferred engineering methodology – something the majority of CPAs can’t provide.

Your business CPA is a key partner in your financial health. You could say that he is your primary care physician, and cost segregation is your surgeon. Neither is better or more educated than the other; they provide different services which work together to keep your business healthy.

About Us

Our CEO has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cost segregation, having utilized, and grown with this methodology, predating the term ‘cost segregation.’ Our President has lectured to the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals, Boston University graduate students, large franchises, CPA firms, and commercial lenders.

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15 Feb

Cost Segregation is one of those income tax strategies that has disproportionately assisted large, and in many instances, publicly traded companies, instead of your local business, perhaps your dentist, or even your Panera on the corner. It’s easy to assume then, that cost segregation must benefit large businesses more than small ones.  If small businesses […]

31 Jan

The reasons why CRE owners should be using cost segregation studies as part of their cash flow strategies are simple. The reasons to use CRE Cash Strategies for the work are even simpler. 1 – You could increase this year’s depreciation by as much as 100% of the value of your CRE, decreasing your income […]