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Build Out – Refrigeration Leasehold Improvements


This client is a well-established, multi-generational meat company with both commercial and retail product lines.


Due to our client’s growth, they required a larger facility to process and prepare their food products.We began working with this client after project completion, but before the first tax filing after occupancy.The highly specialized nature of the leasehold improvements related to refrigeration, moisture, and sanitation in the food service industries provides great opportunity for savings on leasehold improvements.New regulations related to qualified leasehold improvements further increase the value for the client.Our awareness and understanding of both the visible and hidden system components, as well as the ever-changing tax laws, means that our clients achieve the greatest savings possible – in this particular case, an after tax savings of over 17%.

1st Year Depreciation Increase:

Building Cost:

Full Life NPV:

Property Type:
Food Processing

Type of Study:
Leasehold Improvement

Facility Size:
20,501 sf

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