cost segregation study

Emergent Care Center

Client:  This client is a well-established developer that owns multiple buildings across multiple industries, including this emergent care center. This study focuses only on this building and was completed 5 years after construction.


$1,637,257 is the after-tax savings for this client in the first year after our study was completed. Lookback studies see foregone savings from the previous year caught up all at once. Because savings identified listed for our studies presume 39 years of ownership, the total saved over the full life of the property is less than this first-year savings. The infrastructure required to serve an emergent medical center is highly specialized, with personal property needs related to sterilization, patient monitoring, in-house biopsy, specialized cooling and ventilation, water, electrical, and backup power for patient safety. Our awareness and understanding of both the visible and hidden system components allowed for greater savings for this client.

1st Year Depreciation Increase:

Building Cost:

Full Life NPV:

Property Type:
Emergent Care Center

Type of Study:
Built, Prior Year

Facility Size:
38,000 sf

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