How We Guarantee to Save Money

Tax Savings
}February 22, 2022

We’re all looking for ways to either save or make more money these days. But that isn’t always so easy. If you own commercial real estate, you know those investments are seldomly a sure thing. Particularly today, with so much uncertainty all around us. 

We get it. We are CRE owners too.

We also understand that:

  • Most of our clients don’t understand what we do.
  • Most of our clients’ CPAs have a broad, but incomplete understanding of cost segregation.
  • Most of our clients’ banking and construction service providers would love to see them save even more money so that the loans are less risky, and there’s more money in the budget to handle the cost swings from inflation.

If you are a CRE owner or lessee, we are a sure thing.  When we say there is money to be saved, we are so confident in what we know that we offer a guarantee. 

If we don’t save you money, our work is free.

In 16 years, we have NEVER needed to refund anyone’s money.

How can we know for sure?

  • We know commercial real estate.  Whether dental, medical, manufacturing, distribution, retail, residential rentals, or something else – we serve all industries.  We have completed hundreds and hundreds of studies.  We might be surprised by a cool feature in your building, but not by the savings we can find for you.
  • We know this niche area of the tax code in a way very few providers can claim.  Our founder, David Shaver, has been performing cost segregation studies since before the term existed.  He is a historian of cost segregation and every tax change and iteration that has been allowed by law since its earliest days.
  • We know what to ask you.  Because we have performed thousands of cost segregation studies, we have honed our interview to such incredible effectiveness, that we can learn all we need from you in less than 15 minutes, to know if there is value for you, and likely to provide you with a broad estimate of savings.

If you own commercial real estate in excess of $1M, and purchased, enlarged, built, or renovated your property in the last 7 years we should talk.

If you have paid for leasehold improvements in excess of $250,000, we should talk.

If you plan to hold onto your property for a minimum of 3 years, and are a for-profit entity that pays income taxes, we should talk.

We know your time is valuable.  Just 15 minutes with us could be the most profitable minutes of your year.

Let’s talk.