David Shaver, CEO


David was an early adopter of a strategy called component depreciation which later became known as cost segregation. His knowledge is encyclopedic and predates even the term cost segregation. He has been saving clients’ money with this strategy for over 40 years.

David was the Corporate Controller of The Home Depot, where he first began using cost segregation in the 80s when it was called component depreciation. He was then the CFO and an equity Partner at NTW, where he completed cost seg services for all their stores. After selling NTW, he became one of the initial 10 Partners of Tatum CFO, now a division of Randstad, where he provided cost segregation and outsourced CFO Services to numerous businesses.

In 1994, David began providing cost segregation services as a sole proprietor CPA and ultimately founded Cost Segregation Advisors, LLC in 2006 to meet the needs of his growing client list. Having completed cost segregation projects with KPMG and Ernst & Young and using cost segregation from the perspectives of property owners, cost segregation clients, and cost segregation service providers, David possesses a 360-degree knowledge of cost segregation that few other providers rival. In addition to his role as CEO, David serves as the Audit Committee Chairman  for the publicly traded bank, United Community Banks, Inc. 

Christie Ellis, President


Christie has founded five companies and currently operates four of them. She has served as an expert on shows like World News Tonight and The Today Show and enjoys taking complex questions and making them easy to understand for the audience. Before specializing in cost segregation, she joined a McKinsey spin-off, Katzenbach Partners, a management consulting firm. At Katzenbach, she assisted clients ranging from Pfizer to T-Mobile to Columbia University’s Mailman School.

After working with Cost Segregation Advisors as a client of her strategy services, Christie joined Cost Segregation Advisors full time in the role of Chief Strategy Officer before assuming the role of President. She is a guest lecturer to Boston University’s MBA program, at franchise conventions and CPA educational seminars around the country, and is a contributing writer to industry publications such as the NY Real Estate Journal. As a member of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) and as an educator and lecturer to its membership,  she is passionate about teaching others about the considerable benefits of cost segregation studies, as well as how to ensure your studies meet the IRS’s highest standards.

Christie is the founder of Phoenix Story Coaching, an executive and personal coaching firm, where she works with people from 16-60+ who want to rise above adversity and create their best lives. Christie is also a partner in the luxury catering brand The Swell Party based in the Hudson Valley, which works worldwide. Christie is also a CRE investor and uses cost segregation on all eligible properties.