Our Process

Though the consulting we do is complex, the time and attention needed from our clients are brief, and studies are completed quickly. Typically, we require less than 30 minutes of time from the owner or their representative to conduct research and save you money. Additionally, our work requires no additional work hours for your accounting team.

Typical project timelines are six weeks from start to finish but can be completed as quickly as within one week. Clients often come to us in need of a quick turnaround in the case of an unforeseen situation. We can accommodate these situations with advance notice.

How our process works

A review of all available building and site plans or the creation of working drawings when plans are not available.

A review of all available cost information, such as AIA 702/703, receipts, and G/L Transaction Register.

Site tour, typically lasting between 3-6 hours, during which each room is documented separately, and all short life allocable items are photographically documented, resulting in approx. 100-500 photos.

Engineering take-offs are created from the analysis of available records and site tour data.

Tax court precedent is researched and cited for all property.

All individual items are separately documented and accelerated.

Tax Savings Schedules are created separately for both Federal and State Income Tax Returns.

In instances when some or all of these documents are not available, we utilize other documents or strategies to learn the necessary information. For example, we can create our own working drawings for the study when no plans are available.

We GUARANTEE we will increase your refund. If not, our work is FREE.