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Professional Services Leased

This site is the corporate office of a publicly traded international online financial services firm. Multiple site lessee. This study focuses on one site only.


This seven story space is the signature location for this client. Because of its high profile, all finishes are of the highest quality. The conference room table alone, which was integrated with electronics and media, cost over $100,000. This table, included in the $20M construction contract, was scheduled for depreciation with a 39 year life. Our analysis discovered the table and allowed us to reclassify it to a 5 year life, generating a savings, from this item alone, of approximately $20,000. Additionally, as you can see from the photo, due to the nature of the work of this building, all office spaces have multiple screens and other electronic needs, increasing eligible items for the study. Finally, modern spaces such as this with interior glass walls and doors are available for cost segregation in ways that standard spaces, with standard doors would not find eligible value.

1st Year Depreciation Increase:

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Full Life NPV:

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Leasehold Improvement

Facility Size:
100,000 sf

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