Typical Reallocation

Will Cost Segregation
Make a Big Difference for Me?

Whether you have a new business and have just acquired and built out your first space or have a well-established business with multiple locations, the answer is SUBSTANTIAL.

Depending on your property type, a different percentage of costs are typically eligible for accelerated depreciation. See the chart below. If you’d like to see the results from actual studies, visit our case studies for real-world client projects.

Property Type % Eligible for Acceleration
Apartments 20-40%
Banks 20-50%
Car Dealerships 30-50%
Convenience Stores 20-40%
Fitness Clubs 25-40%
Golf Courses 30-50%
Grocery Stores 30-50%
Health Care Facilities 30-60%
Heavy Manufacturing 30-60%
Hospitals 30-50%
Hotels 25-45%
Industrial Facilities 25-45%
Light Manufacturing 25-45%
Manufacturing Facilities 30-70%
Medical Office Buildings 30-50%
Nursing Homes 30-50%
Office Buildings 25-40%
Pharmacy 20-40%
Research & Development 30-60%
Resorts 25-45%
Restaurants 25-50%
Retail 20-40%
Self-Storage Facilities 25-50%
Senior/Assisted Living 30-45%
Shopping Centers 25-40%
Tenant Improvements 30-60%
Theaters 25-40%
Warehouses & Distribution Centers 10-25%
Wineries 25-50%

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