Why Us?

Because our work is free if we don’t save you money. When we take you on as a client, we are 100% confident we will save you money.

When you choose a cost segregation provider, you want to select a firm that maximizes your savings within the IRS standards. A firm that sees you and your assets as part of our family. Who protects and utilizes these assets as if they were their own. We give all of our clients our best and complete effort to maximize the value and quality of their studies. When in your best interest, we advise when not to utilize cost segregation too. We strive to create long-term partnerships, though the projects themselves are brief.

  • We utilize a detailed engineering-based approach, the IRS highest standard
  • Advise on materials and design decisions that can maximize savings when engaged early on in a project
  • Advise investors on property purchases to help them determine the suitable investments for them
  • Advise on simple related accounting measures that can be taken to eliminate the need for cost segregation when warranted
  • Maximize savings for our clients by providing both federal and state schedules of savings (most firms only provide federal)
  • Provide detailed, line-item breakdowns of all elements accelerated in your building, which becomes a useful tool for cost segregation and future needs, such as renovation or damage incurred depreciation opportunities
  • We spend an average of 3-5 hours onsite for each and every project, no matter how small. We take on average 100-500 photos on all sites. We always send two professionals for tours – both a tax law expert and an engineering expert

No other firm does all of these things. The only fee for all our services is the fee for any study. We provide all advisory services for free when you are our cost segregation client – as part of our commitment to treat you like family.

And our expertise can’t be beaten –

Our CEO has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cost segregation, having utilized, and grown with this methodology, predating the term ‘cost segregation.’  David Shaver has been utilizing this strategy since the 1980s when it was called ‘component depreciation.’

Our President has lectured to the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals as an educator. In addition, she has lectured to Boston University graduate students, to large franchises, CPA firms, and commercial lenders. She is highly valued for her ability to make the complicated tax code make sense to CRE service providers, property owners, and their teams.

Our partners have utilized cost segregation for their properties, as an essential strategy for their CRE investments. Having been both the client and the consultant, we understand your concerns, needs, and how best to help you meet your goals.

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We GUARANTEE we will increase your refund. If not, our work is FREE.