Skeptical We Can Save You Money?

when does cost segregation make sense
}October 17, 2021

Most of our clients are pretty skeptical when they first speak with us about saving money. They’ve never heard of cost segregation, or have heard the value downplayed. We have a 100% success rate for our clients, so you might say we’re pretty confident. Let us tell you what happens over the course of a study:

  • We have a 10 minute conversation with you, or someone knowledgeable about your property.
  • We might request you send some documents you already have (like a construction budget, or your settlement statement).
  • We create an estimate of savings, and of the fee for you.
  • When you say yes we get to work to save you money.
  • An accountant and an engineer come to your building and spend on average, 3-4 hours taking hundreds of photos and documenting your property.
  • We create a detailed report showing each and every line item in your building – ever been curious how many outlets are in your building? You’ll know after our study.
  • Your accountant spends LESS THAN 60 SECONDS to incorporate our report into your tax projections, or return.

BOOM! Thousands or millions of dollars saved. As I said, we have a 100% success rate. CRE cash flow at its best!

If you own property or leasehold improvements, let’s talk.  Connect with us here.